Should I let guests bring their children to my wedding?

Posted by Deborah Judkins on Mar 26, 2019 2:54:00 PM

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The simple answer is – it depends.

Children can be very cute and photogenic when dressed up, particularly at the commencement of ceremonies as flower girls and page boys.

They can also be well behaved during the reception, particularly when they are supervised and given activities to amuse them.

Remember it is a long and tiring day for them, and tired children do not often behave well – unless they are asleep.

However, in reality children are not used to wearing suits and decorative dresses.  Parents often let them do what they want to so they can enjoy themselves.  Activities you may have planned to distract them for hours may have bored them in minutes.

9c0dc0_7ab2d235331a4f80883cdb113d2b6028~mv2_d_3024_3024_s_4_2So it is important to be realistic in your expectations of children at weddings.

By all means involve them if you want to or if you feel obliged to due to family connections.

But be prepared for anything to happen, and don’t be disappointed if they don’t behave as you planned or hoped.

If you are particularly concerned, it is quite acceptable to not allow any children at your wedding.

Alternatively, you may allow them to attend the ceremony but then ask they be taken home before the reception commences.  It may also be an option to arrange child-minding, either by willing relatives or paid experts like the Event Nannies.

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