What do we do with our cake?

Posted by Deborah Judkins on Mar 14, 2019 2:12:29 PM

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Usually after formally cutting your wedding cake the venue will distribute it to your guests.

You may ask them to provide it on a platter for each table so people can eat it with their tea and coffee.  This is particularly sensible if the cake is a type that may not keep well or will look very messy when bagged.

high tea wedding cakeTraditionally in years gone by the cake would be ‘cut and bagged’ before being given to guests as a gift to take home.  However, these days this risks not working, as many people will typically leave the cake behind,

Most importantly though, beware of ‘cakeage’.

This is a charge per guest imposed by some venues for cutting up and distributing your wedding cake.  It is certainly a difficult charge to justify!

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